I would love to speak to your group or organization about any of my travels, as well as about various writing topics or inspirational stories. Below are just a few of the talks I’ve given, but I would be more than happy to work with you on whatever your needs are.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: a look at Kenya. Journey with me to Africa and witness the good things and the bad things that are happening there, as well as the things that are just plain ugly. Through it all, though, you will come to see the men, women, and children of Kenya as survivors who are content with what God has handed them in life.

 Kenya for Kids. Or if you want to see pictures and hear stories that are fit for kids from ages two to ninety-two, come along on this ride instead. Find out what it’s like to live in Africa, from the foods they eat to the schools they attend. You will also get to ride along on safari and see how animals live outside of zoos.

 What’s in Peru? The two main tourist attractions are the fascinating Incan ruins at Machu Picchu high in the Andes Mountains and the Nazca Lines in the desert of southern Peru. Because I am not the conventional traveler, when I went to Peru in 2009, I stayed in the city of Ayacucho. Nestled among the Andes Mountains, this city has as much history as any place I have been to. Join me to hear tales and see pictures of the colorful people, beautiful children, and intriguing history of this ancient Peruvian locale. 

 My winding road to publication. In the spring of 2010, when I began blogging about my mission trip to Africa, I could only dream that it would become a book. All I had were words staring back at me from the computer screen. How would these words ever become a single cohesive work? Travel with me along that winding road to publication. Hear about the ups and downs of my travels, including how the roller coaster ride of my trip to Kenya paralleled my trip to published author. 

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