My latest novel, "The Truth Beyond the River", released in July 2020. 

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 

John 8:32 Version (KJV)
A young reporter looking for her big break.
A Vietnam vet fighting a new war.
Two aging monks trying to keep the peace.
Will they find the truth beyond the river?

Lieutenant Tommy Lightfoot has returned home from the Vietnam War a changed man. He and his fellow Native American warriors begin a new war – claiming a piece of property which they feel was wrongfully taken from their ancestors.

On that land along a river sits an abandoned monastery, watched over by Cecil, 

an elderly monk.

When the editor of a big city newspaper hears of the takeover, he sends his newest reporter to cover it. Teresa has only been chosen because of her looks – a black braid and a Spanish-American heritage. Before she even arrives at the monastery, she fears she is in over her head.

When she meets Tommy and Cecil, she wonders if she will ever be able to

uncover the truth or if it will float down the river, beyond the grasp of them all.

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My personal notes on this book.

I grew up in the turbulent sixties and seventies. Like the rest of the working-class families of that time, Dad, Mom, and us kids ate dinner around the kitchen table every night, and invariably the nightly news was on the TV. For some reason, a few things from those evening broadcasts etched an indelible picture in my brain. The famine in Ethiopia. The Vietnam War. And even the commercials. Ads for the Peace Corps—“The toughest job you’ll ever love.”

I had just turned thirteen years old when the local news showed footage of a grand old building, a fortress in the woods. It had been taken over by a band of renegade Indians and for the next month, I remained fascinated by those events, mostly by that building where it was playing out. The fascination mostly lay in the fact that this place was less than one hundred miles away from where I lived and how it was that I had never seen or even heard of this structure.

When the Alexian Brothers Novitiate was taken over by members of the Menominee Warrior Society on New Year’s Day, 1975, my young imagination was sparked. I didn’t care so much about the politics or the history or the details; I just wanted to visit that building.

It would take me over forty years to cross the property line, to walk along the driveway overgrown with grass, to witness the grand old building long abandoned, burned out, and vandalized. But those block walls still had a story to tell. The Red River just past the big house whispered to me. Even the wind in the maples had something to add.

The made-up characters of Tommy, Teresa, Cecil, and the others all wanted their fictional stories told. Who was I to keep them to myself?