Ever since I was in the third grade, I have been writing, anything and everything, from poetry to short stories to inspirational true stories to novels. My dream was always to be a writer, and I thought that would be enough. But in recent years I have realized that a much earlier goal – changing the world – can be combined naturally with my writing.

My first book, “A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven – One Woman’s Trip to Africa: My Story”, was published by Life Sentence Publishing in December 2012. This memoir tells the story of my mission trip to Kenya in 2006 and how it changed how I look at life and how I look at the God I love and serve. After the book was published, I was drawn to return to Kenya, where my daughter had already decided to start a nonprofit organization to help the people we had met there.

Over the next two years, I published two more books, both devotionals. The topics of "The Christmas Story in 40 Days” and “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days” are self-explanatory.     

My first novel, "
Where the Sky Meets the Sand", tells the story of an American businesswoman and the African boy she saves. Or does he save her? It is available now on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. 

I've just finished my second novel and will begin editing it soon. I'm also working on a novella and several more memoirs. In between all of that, I continue to write poetry and have had several poems published on line. Hard telling what I'll write next. 

​​​Chris Loehmer Kincaid        writer, speaker, blogger

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